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Over the years in Indian market we have revolutionized the design, manufacturing process, geometry and the coatings of the TCT Saws for wood, panel & metal working industries. As a result today we have become the India’s largest Saws manufacturer.

All the sophisticated and large wood, panel & metal manufacturers all over the India today demand exacting performances from the saws which are reground. They nearly want same performance after each regrind.
Conventionally these saws were ground on mechanical and small sharpening machines with a carborandum wheel. These grinding, though inexpensive, made the saws to loose their tempering quality and also their geometry. As a result the saw performance drastically reduced from the original after the first regrinding. This was particularly awful when some of the teeth on the saws broke and regrinding had to be done after removal of all the previous teeth to form completely new tooth form as per the original. This was not acceptable on new generation tube mills. Therefore an adequate answer had to be found.

As a result Basco Tool Industries extensively worked with the design and fabrication of the CNC machine with the machine manufacturers that would produce each time a new saw by maintaining the same geometry and by producing minimum heat generation with the help of high pressure cooling and Borazon grinding

At Basco Tool Industries we are also doing resharpening of Saw blades of all other makes to extend our Customer Service. We have extended this facility to help our customers to realize a better value. The after sale service which we are offering is the resharpening of TCT Saw Blades used for wood cutting and non ferrous metals, Slitting Saw Blades and most of the cutting tools.

We have a good set of customer base who at regular interval’s use our quality service’s. Moreover, we offer pick & drop facility to our regular customers on actual cost basis. Our on time performance and delivery at home is the key to our success.


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Basco Tool Industries offers a complete range of Tools and tooling solutions for every range of Solid wood and panel processing industry with specialty of serving whole market segments.

Basco offers selection of the best precision tools and tooling solutions for manufacturing quality cabinets, windows, window frames and doors.


During a decade in power tool accessories trading business, a group of people kept an ambitious dream for establishing a factory where we could make the real tools which belong to ourselves, and combined trade, OEM, customs-make with manufacturing lines.