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"Our cycle times and accuracies are significantly better with the Vollmers than with our previous saw sharpening equipment," commented Whitley. He noted that they can consistently grind 15 teeth a minute compared to ten previously. He went on to discuss that although Culp usually uses a single tooth pattern for all of their TCt saw Blades, tooth shapes in the CA350 can easily be modified or completely redesigned using the user touch screen. In addition, alternate tooth shape programs can also be loaded into the machine memory if none of the hundreds of standard stock tooth shape programs that are resident in the machine are suitable.

The accuracy of the grind is also something Whitley's team in the filing room has noted. They grind each saw once per nine-hour shift. The saws can last up to a year in service. "This leads to more accurate cuts as well."

A welcome additional benefit of using high-quality CNC profile grinders is that the saws come back to the filing room in much better shape after a run. Whitley attributes this to the saws being much sharper and more accurate when they come off the grinder. This means that they run far more stable in the cut and are less susceptible to plate damage. It follows that they will then require less benching.

He also pointed out that the role of the grinding wheel balancer, which Vollmer sells as an option, should not be overlooked. A balanced wheel runs much smoother with no vibration. This greatly impacts wheel life and definitely contributes to the exceptional surface finish that the grinder achieves.


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Basco Tool Industriess offers a complete range of Tools and tooling solutions for every range of Solid wood and panel processing industry with specialty of serving whole market segments.

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During a decade in power tool accessories trading business, a group of people kept an ambitious dream for establishing a factory where we could make the real tools which belong to ourselves, and combined trade, OEM, customs-make with manufacturing lines.